Kalan Strauss is a fine artist from Los Angeles, California. He spent a lot of time in Hollywood with his father, an actor, and was surrounded by the entertainment industry. The abstract society that surrounded him became his main influence. Kalan is now studying fine art in Chicago at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Kalan’s work has a conceptual focus that explores perception and the differences in perception. He is interested in diverging different perceptions among large groups of people, finding similarities and differences and then converging them all into one piece.

He also focuses on the dynamics of Los Angeles and the American dream. Advertising is very prominent in his work. His flamboyant use of colors and shapes really get in your face and demand the viewers attention. He likes to create false realities that provide the viewers an escape from their everyday lives, similar to that of the Hollywood lifestyle of TV and movies.

You can follow Kalan Strauss on his artistic journey on Twitter and Instagram (@Kalanstrauss)