Group Exhibition curated by Kalan Strauss @ The Latent Space, Chicago, IL
7-9-21 - 8.22.21
F/Art Neon article

Individual Works

“Bullseye”, neon, argon, mercury, cables, transformer, electronics, 36 inch diameter, 2021

“Smile =)”, neon, argon, mercury, cables, transformer, 36 inch diameter, 2021


Bright-Line was a group exhibition consisting of 20 neon artists curated by Kalan Strauss. The artists in the show range from some of the most popular names in neon, to artists in the beginning stages of their careers.

The title of the show, Bright-Line, refers to the light source class that is unique to neon, which is called a bright-line source. In comparison to a continuum light source (think LEDs), a bright-line light source only emits a definite set of individual wavelengths that is unique to the element or compound being used. The elements used as bright line sources are noble gasses: Helium (He), Neon (Ne), Argon (Ar), Krypton (Kr), Xenon (Xe), and each one has a different molecular structure. When the electrons in these gases are stimulated with electricity, they lose energy in the form of light. The different structures cause the gases to emit different wavelengths which are responsible for the different colors and properties of the light produced.


Angie Almukhametova

James Akers

The Back Studio

Emily Yong Beck

Jackie Carlise

Jenny Chen

Jacob Fishman

Rebecca Kramer

Caroline LaCava

Helen Lee

Kacie Lees

Zoelle Nagib

Carolina Pereira

Jason Pickleman

Morgan Sims


Kalan Strauss

Daniella Thach

Acacia Way

William Zachary Willis