Kalan Strauss



Kalan Strauss (He/him/his, b. 1996) is an interdisciplinary artist and the director/founder of The Latent Space. Kalan lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from the School of the Art Institue of Chicago (SAIC) with a BFA in painting, video/new media, and art and technology.

Growing up in Los Angeles, he experienced his father's professional involvement as an actor. He spent a lot of his childhood in Hollywood, either in the studio as his father did voice acting, or on set when he did on-camera work. It was here that Kalan became aware of the construction of representational imagery, and the extreme amount of work that goes into creating these falsified scenarios that are presented to us as entertainment. These scenarios are often not legibile before the final image is presented due to the amount of editing, post-processing and visual effects that go into it. This interest is apparent in all of his work. Many of the formal qualities of his work revolve around questioning, revealing, mimicing and critiquing this construction of representational imagery, specifically the visual experience.