You Thought To Think?

Group Exhibition curated by Tristan Martinez @ The Latent Space, Chicago,
5.8.21 - 6.7.21
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Individual Works

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You Thought to Think? is a culmination of work that encourages you to consider commodity, capitalism, popular culture, and the understanding of objects around us. Curated by Tristan Martinez, featuring works by Kyle Berger, Max Capus, Matt Mancini, Tristan Martinez, Noel Mercado, Marge Rendell, and Kalan Strauss, this exhibit finds its place between absurdity and Fine art. Questioning the modern-day perception of consumption of media, branding, and experience we are left with a fragmented glimpse at what seems to make sense. In other words an amplified feeling of purpose, or failed purpose at that; a missed connection that wasn’t what you thought, but you thought to think - didn’t you?